Friday, June 1, 2012

Two Peas In A Pod


original oil painting

This is another of my favorite paintings.  These two have been partners in crime since the day they met.  The coffee drinker is my mother's first grand daughter and my oldest daughter.  My mother had boundless energy for her grandchildren.  For my daughter, a visit to grandma's house meant an adventure around every corner.
My mother taught me how to be a granny. (It's the simple things that matter.) Today, my mother is adored by her adult grandchildren.

Displaying Art

  I like to see small pieces of art in big, fat frames.  This 6"x6" painting frames out to 12"x12."   For display, try an easel!  The advantage to an easel is accessibility to the painting.  This painting sits on a foyer chest.  Occassionally when I walk through the front door, I pick up the painting.  It makes me happy.  Art should always bring joy.


  1. To Paraskevi: It is such a treat to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words.