Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Incorrigibles

The Incorrigibles
5" x 7"
Original Oil On Panel
Don't these two remind you of Grant Wood's couple in his painting with the pitchfork?  (Just please never let either of them gain access to a pitchfork!)
Webster's definition of incorrigible is bad beyond correction or reform - which to a "t" describes the behavior of these two misfits.
Meet Hazel and Zeke.  Hazel is a big girl, but Zeke can handle her just fine, thank you very much.  The day Hazel arrived at Zeke's house, his anxiety ridden life became one of unending bad girl fun.
Hazel has been with Zeke for about nine months and she still seems to have an endless supply of naughtiness up her long furry paws...and to think she was brought in to calm Zeke.