Friday, May 31, 2013

Pretty Momma

Original Oil Painting
6" x 6"

Granted the male cardinal is a vibrant red, while the female is a dull red-brown, but her color serves to camouflage the nest.  The male marks his territory with song.  During courtship, he feeds seed to his mate beak-beak. 



Saturday, May 25, 2013

A New Addition To "Come On In, But You Can't Sit Down!"

"Come On In, But You Can't Sit Down!"
Original Oil Painting
On Museum Quality Panel
5" x 7"
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The above painting has a new addition.  I decided that the office floor was just to cold and uninviting.  The look on the cat's face was unwelcoming enough!
To warm the room, I added a nice, fluffy rug.  I like it much more now.
What do you think?

Cats own stuff.  The stuff they own is usually high off the ground.  My little unfettered assistant, Beatrice, will scold with a loud, gravelly meow if one should even venture into a room where she is firmly ensconced on some piece of furniture or something she has declared to be a piece of furniture. Consider this a warning. Do not be thinking you will be sitting on her chosen spot!  In this house, we do not argue with her.  We just meekly walk away.
A very fun part of living with animals is that it is socially acceptable to brag about them!  Isn't she precious!!?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Voice

Original Oil Painting
On Panel
6" x 6"
Warblers are little song birds with an unforgettable voice.