Saturday, May 25, 2013

A New Addition To "Come On In, But You Can't Sit Down!"

"Come On In, But You Can't Sit Down!"
Original Oil Painting
On Museum Quality Panel
5" x 7"
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The above painting has a new addition.  I decided that the office floor was just to cold and uninviting.  The look on the cat's face was unwelcoming enough!
To warm the room, I added a nice, fluffy rug.  I like it much more now.
What do you think?

Cats own stuff.  The stuff they own is usually high off the ground.  My little unfettered assistant, Beatrice, will scold with a loud, gravelly meow if one should even venture into a room where she is firmly ensconced on some piece of furniture or something she has declared to be a piece of furniture. Consider this a warning. Do not be thinking you will be sitting on her chosen spot!  In this house, we do not argue with her.  We just meekly walk away.
A very fun part of living with animals is that it is socially acceptable to brag about them!  Isn't she precious!!?

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