Friday, February 3, 2012

Mr. Wendall

Oil on Panel

Mr. Wendal is a commissioned piece for my daughter's wedding.  The painting is an attendant gift.  Initially I was frustrated with the photo I was given to paint Mr. Wendal.  As the painting progressed I became aware of how wrong I was. The photographer's composition was perfect.  The vertical spokes on the chairs, the light and shadows, and the striped cat added up to a most interesting painting. 
Mr. Wendal is quite a guy.  He is another stray that showed up at his family's house.  He was injured and ill in the dead of winter.  Actually, he was a Christmas gift.  Mr. Wendal is a huge cat-must have some Maine Coon in the genetics somewhere.  He is a gentle giant and quite irresistible to all. Once no one seemed to want the pleasure of his company, now everyone he meets puts dibs on him. 
If he's ever gone missing, look for him at my house first!