Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Original Oil Painting
8" x 10"
I painted this kitty as a commissioned piece for a little girl in memory of her Akiko.  It really warms my heart when children love animals. 
Well, Beatrice and I have been painting out of the art studio again...more walls and CEILINGS!
I am going to put forth some effort to rein in this ceiling painting passion of mine as 'less is always more' in all art forms.  It is not going to be easy; maybe just one more ceiling!
I agonized over this color.  After many trips to the paint store resulting in of course a useless extra gallon of paint, I settled on this cool blue and I love it.  I also used satin paint.  I hesitated because I thought satin would show more brush strokes.  Not so.  I actually think it shows less brush strokes than the ceiling I painted with a flat finish.  Since this is a foyer, I wanted the shine from above.
All art is from Sharon Rose Smith Fine Art.   

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