Friday, August 10, 2012

"Me and My Friends Are Hungry"


Original Oil Painting on
 Ampersand Panel

5" x 7"

Cats can tell time.  They are prompt little beings and expect no less from their wait staff. Meals shall appear in a timely fashion and must consist of what was ordered.  None of this substituting 'weight loss management food' for their old standbys like Fancy Feast wet food.   They are in charge of when it is time for a diet, thank you very much!  And for the well being of your psyche, don't even think about bringing home the store brand.  They will walk away in a huff of indignity previously never witnessed.  After all, you should know better than to "cut back" in the CAT area of the budget. 

Happy Cat, Happy Home


On a different note under the category of:

 Displaying Art 

This is the neatest idea to display children's art.

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  1. Turns out Link was giving Roxie kisses when she went to go feed him! Little traitor! Cats will do anything for food.